In the DNS Settings area, click Edit. In the Domain name server(s) field, enter up to three domain name server IP addresses. You can specify domain name server addresses in IPv4 or IPv6 format. In the DNS search list field, enter up to six DNS search suffixes. DNS search …

networking - How do I configure the search domain Now as dig does not use the search list/domain by default you need to use it like dig +search test to enable appending search domain. Using nslookup: nslookup test Server: Address: Name: Address: Configuring DHCP Option 119 (Domain Search List) on a Apr 18, 2018 nslookup set search | Microsoft Docs Appends the Domain Name System (DNS) domain names in the DNS domain search list to the request until an answer is received. This applies when the set and the lookup request contain at least one period, but do not end with a trailing period. RFC 3397 - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP

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Free and Public DNS Server List (Valid July 2020) Jul 01, 2020 AnyConnect Client DNS search suffix - Cisco Community I have a question that I'm hoping I can get some help on, is there a way to add multiple dns search domains or dns suffix search list for anyconnect VPN anyconnect clients? I'm only able to speficy a single domain name on the connection profile, any information is … Windows Server: DNS Suffix is Missing on Domain Controller Sep 20, 2019