Jul 14, 2015

More on open source servers and server virtualization. Considering a switch to a virtualized infrastructure strikes fear into the hearts of even the most educated among today's CIOs. Technology confusion and vendor choices aside, the physical-to-virtual transition dread stems from security concerns, performance uncertainty and scalability questions. Oracle GlassFish Server GlassFish Server Open Source Edition is an open source application server built within the GlassFish community. GlassFish Server users benefit from a vibrant community that offers self-support, contributes code and product features, product ideas and feedback, bug reports, and more. Open Source Identity and Access Management

Aug 10, 2017

Free Open Source Ad Server - Revive Adserver free, open source ad serving system. The ad server selects the appropriate banner. When the banner is displayed, an impression is counted. If no ad is available, it counts as a blank impression. If a visitor clicks a banner, this is counted. Sales, Leads, or Sign-ups are counted as Conversions. GlassFish - Wikipedia

Announcing TorchServe, An Open Source Model Server for

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