May 14, 2019

Feb 06, 2020 Cellino & Barnes go their separate legal ways | WBFO Cellino & Barnes court fight to be unsealed By Mike Desmond • Jun 27, 2017 Sometime Tuesday, the public may find out why Ross Cellino and Steve Barnes are fighting to dissolve their personal Cellino Sues Barnes. Who Gets the Jingle? - The New York Times May 11, 2017

Cellino Says Breakup With Barnes Is Nearly Complete, New

Damn, Cellino! December 2017: Barnes Still Loves Cellino Barnes spends $900,000 on a new phone number: 800-800-0000. Eh, we’ve heard better. And despite all this fighting — Cellino allegedly threatening to burn the firm down, Cellino allegedly insulting Barnes’s name — Barnes still wants to find a way to keep the band together.

Cellino & Barnes Split Further Soured By Hacking Claims

May 11, 2017 Cellino and Barnes plan to open separate law firms Jan 03, 2020 Cellino & Barnes - Personal Injury Law - 451 Grider St Specialties: New York Personal Injury Lawyers Cellino and Barnes represent clients who have suffered a variety of injuries, including car accidents, construction accidents, medical malpractice, defective and dangerous products and more. In… Cellino Withheld Nearly $1M From Attorney to Spite Her Feb 26, 2020