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Wireshark: Re: Packets not captured, tcp acking lost Upon transfer of a BLOB, wire shark is showing many "Tcp ACKed lost segment" packets. On top of this there is no evidence of any of the SOAP data, other than the initial header. Now I've search for this lost segment business, and no forums really seem TCP Connection Open - An "XXX" indicates a segment which is lost or rejected. Comments appear in parentheses. TCP states represent the state AFTER the departure or arrival of the segment (whose contents are shown in the center of each line). Segment contents are shown in abbreviated form, with sequence number, control flags, and ACK field.

TCP Dup ACK, segments lost, retransmission during smtp

Jun 17, 2010 3 way handshake, TCP Three-way handshake, TCP Synchronization

Jun 14, 2017

Solved: Suppose Host A Sends Two TCP Segments Back To Back The First Segment Has Sequence Number 80; The Second Has Sequence Number 120. Host B Sends An Acknowledgement (ACK) Whenever It Receives A Segment From Host A, Indicating The Next Frame It Is Awaiting. If The First Segment Is Lost But The Second Segment Arrives At B,