Dec 05, 2009

Google down? Realtime status, issues and outages Google is the world's largest search engine. The firm also offers the Gmail e-mail service, the video hosting platform Youtube, Google maps, Google Talk and the Google+ social network. How to Configure Network Settings to use Google Public DNS In this documentation, we can check how to configure your network settings to use Google public DNS. Google Public DNS IP addresses are the following: IPV4: IPV6: 2001:4860:4860::8888 2001:4860:4860::8844 Change DNS Server Settings: ( Please save your current IP address somewhere before you proceed. So that you can revert back the […] DNSet - Apps on Google Play

May 01, 2017

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How to Enable DNS Over HTTPS in Google Chrome

Result for with DNSSEC validation: { "Status": 0, "TC": false, "RD": true, "RA": true, "AD": true, "CD": false, "Question": [ { "name OpenDNS vs Google DNS: Which one is Better? | Blogging Hammer Apr 17, 2019 DNS Changer - Trust DNS I Fast & Secure - Google Play