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FreePBX: IVR Help - VOIP Tech Chat | DSLReports Forums Apr 23, 2008 FreePBX - GXP21xx Series Enterprise IP Phones Feb 07, 2018 FreePBX IP PBX - Asterisk.org Who Supports FreePBX? There is an active community of FreePBX users, integrators, and developers who provide community support for FreePBX forums. Sangoma offers commercial support for FreePBX. If your application needs manufacturer support, check out the support offerings. Outgoing NAT Rule for pfSense, FreePBX - Netgate Forum

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FreePBX and Pfsense | Netgate Forum FreePBX and pfSense play nicely. The problem for me was almost always on the FreePBX side. Does registration work? Have you forwarded the entire range for RTP-communications, or just the two ports? Did you forward the right protocol RTP needs UDP in the default. Did you set the appropriate networks in FreePBX? FreePBX or 3CX Home Lab - VoIP Forum - Spiceworks Jul 02, 2018

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