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Network-Connect is the Old Juniper VPN. It is no longer used/shipped by juniper, everything is now Pulse secure. The information on this site is old. Pulse Secure is not supported on Linux. Juniper Network Connect VPN | Mad Scientist Making It Work Step 1: Install MSJNC Session Manager. Put it somewhere on your PATH; I typically create ~/bin and add that to my PATH Step 2: Install Network Connect Software. The Network Connect software is installed automatically when you first connect Step 3: Run msjnc. To complete the Ubuntu (64-bit) Linux Juniper VPN Installation Guide For 32-bit Linux see here. Before installing the Juniper VPN client, you must meet a few requirements: You must download the Java Runtime Environment. Click Here to download Java. Connecting to Juniper SSL VPN using OpenConnect on GNU/Linux Jun 12, 2015

Juniper Networks SA6500 SSL VPN Appliance

I just set up a VPN connect to juniper using MadScientist's msjnc script that wraps around a binary (ncsvc) from the juniper linux client .jar The ncsvc binary does not require java at all, so this is somewhat the neatest solution I could find. Junos VPN Site Secure – Juniper Networks Junos VPN Site Secure is a licensed software application for MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers that uses a variety of standard encryption techniques to secure communications between the customer premise and the service providers network edge, and between different networks when traffic must pass through an intermediate untrusted network. Downloads - Juniper Networks

64 bit - How to install Juniper VPN on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

I have a laptop with Windows XP and Ubuntu 12.04 (32 bits). Until now, I used Windows XP to connect to a Juniper VPN but now I'd like to try it with Linux. I read the mad scientist walkthrough (including the sun java part) but I can't run the setup. I get the popup that ask me if … Juniper SSL VPN Client for Ubuntu(Linux) - Pulse Secure Re: Juniper SSL VPN Client for Ubuntu(Linux) Thanks for the earlier reply. As per your suggestion the Network Connect for linux is present .But it is marked as locked.Could please tell us what does it mean.I have attached the screen shot of it please have a look. Juniper Networks Firewall, VPN, Routing & Switching