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How to Connect a Desktop Hard Drive to a Laptop or Another Computer. This article will tell you how to take out a hard disk from a computer properly and connect it to a laptop or another PC, and how to recover data from such disk.Quite a typical task: transfer a large number of files from a desktop hard drive to a laptop drive, or connect it to another computer in order to recover data from there. Share a hard drive with everyone on your Wi-Fi network. Take advantage of your router's USB port with a little trick that lets you share a hard drive with anyone on your Wi-Fi network. The second method to connect a hard drive is directly. This method works only when the hard drive features its own Ethernet port: Simply plug the hard drive into its power supply, plug the hard drive into the router with an Ethernet cable, and you’re done. The hard drive appears in the Network window along with other drives shared on the network. Jun 28, 2018 · With a regular hard drive, connect it to your router's USB port. From there, use your browser to sign into your router's firmware, typically using an IP address of

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How to Access the Hard Drive From a Computer in Another Right click on the drive letter of the hard drive (usually "C"), select "Share" then choose the option to "Share" the drive on the network. Step 7 Reboot both machines and you will now be able to access the shared hard drive by going to the "Start" menu and clicking on the "Network" tab. How to Setup a Network Drive on your Home Network - YouTube